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Corona Update - We are free again!

The measures applicable to sports are repealed. This means that the certificate, as well as the mask requirement for the practice of sports indoors, will no longer apply. Sports can thus once again be performed in outdoor and indoor areas without any restrictions.

No mask or certificate obligation.

If you feel safer keeping your mask on and/or if your trainer wears a mask during your workout, let us know and we adapt accordingly.

For the protection of all of us, please come to the training only if you feel absolutely healthy. In case of the slightest signs of illness or allergies with sneezing, coughing, etc., we ask you to sign out early and stay away from the training. We reserve the right to send home persons with symptoms of illness at any time. Family members living in the same household should be also healthy and without symptoms.

Please arrive at the studio a maximum of 5 minutes before your training. Come in training clothes, when possible. After training, please leave the studio as soon as possible so that there is no space shortage between two consecutive training sessions.

Detailed protection concept is under

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to see you soon!

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