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Where the Passion Begins

Mojo Pilates Zug

Gözde Güven

Fully Certified Pilates Teacher

Hi, I am Gözde. I am a passionate Pilates teacher. As a masters degree engineer, I worked for several years on engineering projects where I spent days and nights at my desk. Long hours on my desk caused me severe neck and back pain. I am glad that it did. Because that was the reason I met with the Pilates technique. I was so surprised by the fast and dramatic changes in my body and my lifestyle, brought about by Pilates.

Always enjoying sports activities, starting from an early age I played badminton, football, and volleyball. I enjoyed tough fitness training and performance control workouts as well as Tai-Chi and modern dance during my studies.

When I discovered Pilates, I felt that I had finally found what I was looking for. The Pilates technique impressed me so much that I decided to study it. My curiosity has made me learn more and more which finally led me to become a certified teacher by Balance Body University.

Starting first as a hobby and then the full-time job I teach Pilates since the beginning of 2013. By teaching Pilates hundreds of persons and attending numerous certification programs, workshops, seminars, training by well-known international Pilates teachers and movement professionals, I have collected a very good understanding of movement dynamics, dealing with spinal issues, preparing and improving the adaptation of the body against the big changes caused by pregnancy and the list goes on... I believe learning is an on-going process that will never end and to me, this is one of the best parts of Pilates.

I am looking forward to share my knowledge in Pilates with you!

I can teach Pilates in English, German and Turkish.

Mojo Pilates Zug

Olha Brunner

Fully Certified Pilates Teacher

Hi, I’m Olha. I was always enthusiastic about the sport. And already during my school years, jogging, cross-country skiing, dancing (ballet, classic and folk dance), rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, were a part of my life…it was the beginning. In 2003 I got in touch with Fitness, namely Step and Dance Aerobic, and it got to be my passion. I attended numerous Fitness Conventions and a year later started to work as a Group Fitness Instructor.

During my Au-Pair time in Germany, I got to know Pilates Mat Class at the Fitness Convention in Munich. I found the Pilates philosophy, principles, history, and of the course training process, very excited. Since that moment I move in the direction Body and Mind Training.

I moved to Switzerland in 2013, made a lot of educational courses in the Fitness area, and it was to become my career.

I’m a certified Pilates and Yoga Teacher (Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport, PILATESwiss). Today, I teach Pilates Mat class with different small equipment, Pilates on the Studio Equipment (Reformer, Spine Corrector, Chair, Barrels, Cadillac). Also, I have 200 RYT Yoga Certificate.

With my inspiration and passion for Classic Pilates you can open for yourself the beauty and power of this kind of training. It will help you to research the possibilities of your body, strengthen it, and improve your posture. It can help you to move an efficient way, and as a result, to improve the quality of your life.

“I’m glad to be with you on this healthy way full of challenge and joy!”

I can teach German, English, and Russian.


Katerina Argyrou

Fully Certified Pilates Teacher

Hi, I'm Katerina. I have a great love for holistic health; body, mind, and soul. My career
starting point was dancing and my passion for movement. As a dancer, I participated in
many contemporary dance performances which were supported by my education
gained from the Hellenic Republic – Ministry of culture and sports. This education
certified me as a Ballet and Contemporary dance teacher. Additionally, I furthered my
education abroad in Bulgaria studying Theory and practice in the field of classical and
contemporary dance, at Varna International Dance Academy.
My personal need to constantly explore the human body led me to take up the field of
Pilates and Yoga. I did a Comprehensive Teacher Training certification (studio/mat) at
Practitioner of Pilates studio in Polestar Pilates. I have been actively practicing and
performing Pilates for more than 10 years, attending numerous classes, workshops,
seminars, and retreats to broaden my knowledge.
The key concept that initially attracted me is the very same thing that keeps my interest
vested. This is the holistic approach of Pilates. I love sharing my experience with people
who are interested in improving their lives through a healthy body. I believe that it is vital
for one to recognize its uniqueness through enriching, satisfying, and improving body
I can teach Pilates in Greek and English.

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