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Session/Class Types: Services
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Pilates Introduction / Trial session*

Regardless of your previous experience in Pilates, we always start with an introduction session. This unique session is an opportunity for us to make your physical analysis, learn about your body and its needs, and at the same time go over the main principles of Pilates for more success in the upcoming classes. This session will let us plan future classes much more effectively for you (and in case you are planning to join semi-private classes, help you to enroll in the ongoing classes smoothly).

*Introduction session is required only for Pilates sessions.

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Private (1:1) Session

Private Pilates sessions are 1 to 1 sessions, which give us the possibility to get to know your body personally and in-depth to create an exercise plan that would best work for you. This is a perfect way to learn the fundamentals of a healthy movement strategy, and experience improved and beneficial movement. As a result, you will be able to progress at a quick rate.

If you have physical conditions/limitations, and/or recovering from any injury which requires specialized attention and care, we highly recommend private sessions.

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Semi-Private Class (Duet or Trio)

Semi-private classes with a minimum of two (Duet) or a maximum of three (Trio) participants. The price of the class differs accordingly. Having a small class gives us the possibility of focusing each participant with great attention. Each participant has their own dedicated machine and accessories. Our class schedule will be accessible to you via our online booking system once you are completed your introduction session.

A healthier, happier lifestyle awaits you. Contact us today.

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