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New Trial Mat Classes: 4 Classes in 4 weeks with 4 participants

Interested in joining mat classes? We are setting up new group mat classes! :)

The groups are only for 4 participants and this is great! We will be able to give great attention to each participant! :)

For a starter, we are setting up mat class packages for 4 weeks between March 14th and April 10th. Each package has 1 class per week.

The fixed cost of each package is Fr. 160 per person.

Registration under the link below. We will open the classes only if there are enough (4) registrations per class. Therefore please select as many boxes as it fits your schedule.

Registration ends on Friday, March 11th, 2022 at 12:00. We will announce the opened classes the same day in the afternoon.

Looking forward to meeting you in our studio!

Mojo Pilates

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