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Welcoming our new team member, Natalia :)

We are very excited to announce our new team member Natalia 🥳

Before moving to Switzerland, Natalia has worked for many years in New York as a personal trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Yoga teacher. She is a Pilates enthusiast, and we love Pilates enthusiasts 🙂 Having experienced the corporate world and 2 pregnancies, Natalia understands first-hand physical challenges that you may experience in your daily life, be it for example back pain from sitting all day in front of the computer or any issue that comes with a gift of having kids :)

She can lead you through your practice of mindful movement to address your personal challenges and improve the quality of your life. Natalia can meet your scheduling needs on evenings and weekends, and teach the lesson in English or Russian.

Want to have a class with Natalia? Book online and/or contact her under +41 78 217 17 82,

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